COVID cases rise in schools as students return to in person instruction after winter break, fear return to online teaching


Nimrat Bains, Natomas Pacific Pathways Preparatory

All over the country, the return to school after winter break has gotten off to a rocky start due to the rise in COVID-19 cases. As cases surge, schools resume in-person classes with caution. 

Students at Natomas Pacific Pathways Preparatory high school resumed classes after a two week winter break. The return to school was described as worrisome, scary, and a little overwhelming by students due to the rise in COVID-19 cases due to the very contagious Omicron variant.. 

“It’s scary and I think they should close schools for the time being before it gets worse,” said Iqra Faisal, a junior attending NP3 High, when describing her return to school. 

The fear of returning to online learning has started to settle in as the majority of students say they prefer in-person learning. 

“You never know when you might have to suddenly switch to online,” said Faisal. 

As cases rise, more students are being sent home because of safety precautions. 

“It’s getting scary, there’s people missing everyday at school,” said Ravneet Chima, a sophomore attending NP3 High. 

Although, students notice their peers missing from the classroom and the rise in cases, it doesn’t have a big impact on their learning. 

“It doesn’t. Until we get into distance learning it will, but at the moment no,” said Gabriel Osmena, a junior at NP3 High, when talking about the effect of rising COVID cases.