Jibe promotes clean transportation, better health and increased opportunities for youth

Akshaj Mehta, Natomas Pacific Pathways Preparatory

North Natomas JIBE is a non-profit organization that promotes cleaner transportation methods, and has an emphasis on biking and walking, with one of its many programs being the Inderkum High School Bicycle Technology Class. 

We cover the variety of opportunities in the bike industry, bicycle mechanics, transportation riding skills, and career skills like job interviews and crafting resumes,” said Ella Steele, the instructor for the class.

This program also provides students an opportunity to fulfill General Education requirements, another incentive to participate in this class.

JIBE also provides programs for elementary school kids. One example is Project Ride Smart, a program overseen by Amber Hustead, the Schools Program Manager for JIBE.“One of my favorites is Project Ride Smart, a 5th grade bicycle education program which teaches students traffic principles and bike handling skills,” she said. “Students not only learn the fundamentals of riding but gain confidence while riding on their neighborhood streets,”

Aanya McCann noted JIBE isn’t just for young children and high school students either, but adults, too.

“One of the programs we have for adults is Earn A bIke,” she said. “They take a four day class where they learn about cycling, the rules of the road and basic repairs and at the end of the class they earn a bicycle they get to keep.” 

In the month of April, adults can also participate in Learn to Ride classes. 

“The adult Learn To Ride is going to be 3 classes in the month of April, for over 18, and then we also have a Bike Swap, where you can bring in an old bike that you want to trade in or sell and we help get them fixed up and help rotate bikes through the community,” said McCann. 

May Is Bike Month, another program JIBE provides yearly.

“I am looking forward to Bike Month, which we have already begun planning,” said McCann.” We are bringing back the incredibly popular Bike Swap and Kids Bike Party. We cannot wait to see our North Natomas community members at all of our Bike Month events.” 

Michelle Reyonlds, Communications Manager at JIBE explained what she believed to be JIBE’s central mission. 

“JIBE encourages the North Natomas community to consider walking and biking instead of driving,” she said. “You can see the impact of the organization in many ways, especially when there are open roadways and parking spaces available because others are biking and walking.”