Teen workers: delicate balance of the demands of school and job 


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Many students in high school have jobs. But working and going to school has become more complicated during a pandemic. Students at Natomas Pacific Pathways Preparatory high school shared their experience having a job while attending high school. 

Students get jobs for many reasons such as gaining money, experience and building employment history. 

“I didn’t want to keep asking my mom for money and I wanted to save up,” said Janelle Calma, a junior attending NP3 High who works at Bad Bakers. 

The process for being hired is similar for most students. They apply and soon after are interviewed. 

“I filled out an application and then after a few days I received a call for an interview. I went to it and then was immediately hired,” said Simran Kaur, a NP3 High junior who works at TacoBell. 

Managing school and work can be difficult but student workers say not delaying and having good time management skills to balance demands from both work and school is key. 

“I just make sure that I’m not procrastinating. I try my best to do homework ahead of time,” said Calma. 

Student workers say that jobs help improve skills such as socializing, teamwork, and problem solving. 

“I really get to interact with people outside of school and you get to see what doing stuff outside of school looks like,” said Calma. 

Often, jobs for high school students are given flexible hours to make managing school requirements easier. 

“I get a good amount of hours to work and can balance out my schedule whenever I want,” said Kaur. 

Student workers advised other teens to get a job they’re  interested in and comes with flexible hours. 

“Be confident during the interview,” said Paramvir Singh, a junior attending NP3 High and works at TacoBell.