Student, teacher create new club at Kit Carson: Nerd Society


Mirella Bennett, Kit Carson International Academy

At Kit Carson International Academy the school allows the students to create almost any club they can imagine as long as they find a teacher willing to support them and a space to meet. One of the newest additions to the collection of clubs at Kit Carson is “The Nerd Society,” run by junior Samuel Makarczyk and Linsey Rowe, a history teacher at Kit Carson. 

“There’s a lot of clubs at Kit and the beauty of it is you can create what you want. There’s a lot of them and a wide variety.” said Mackaczyk, who created the club in September of the 2022 school year. The club describes their goal as being a space for students to come together and discuss interests in fandoms such as DC, Marvel, Star Wars, and more. They play trivia games, watch and discuss new episodes and movies, and draw during their weekly meetings. 

Since Kit Carson has few clubs, places where students can gather over a common interest like these are really helpful. These places help students connect to others and learn more about the people around them. They also contribute to the school’s principles, which are described in a set of standards called the International Baccalaureate learner profile..

The IB learner profile is like a toolkit which helps lead students toward new opportunities such as college or job positions. One of the IB learner profile standards is “Balanced” which states that all IB students should strive to “recognize our interdependence with other people and with the world”. 

Clubs can help students become more balanced by allowing them to try new things and meet new people who share similar interests. 

“Ms. Rowe and I made Nerd Society because during the COVID lunch breaks we would watch the new Marvel shows and have lunch together. We would get to see each other’s reactions and it was great. We really wanted to change it and make it more accessible to the masses,” said Samuel. 

Already the club has watched and discussed the new Disney Plus series, Hawkeye. 

The club plans to expand by adding more activities for the members to enjoy like printing coloring pages and creating more games to play. 

The Nerd Society meets every Friday 3:30 to 4:30 at Kit Carson in Rowe’s room,C3.. 

“Welcome to a place where you never have to hide your love for a fandom. A place surrounded by people who share your Interests and Passions for endless universes. This is a group where you can have a blast learning about, discussing, and watching your favorite movies, TV Shows, comics, and more!”