FBLA prepares students for careers in business sector



Kylie Huang, Cordova High School

High school students are constantly thinking about what they want to do next with their lives. 

The Future Business Leaders of America is an organization dedicated to helping students prepare for a future career in business. 

Benjamin Wang, a junior at Mira Loma High School, is president of the FBLA club at his school. 

“I’m extremely happy to be the president of this organization that prepares students for their futures in business, leadership, and tech,” he said. “FBLA works to develop and help students explore their future as this world’s next business leaders through exciting national competitions, providing opportunities to meet and learn from the best of business leaders, and last but not least, projects that students initiate and lead to make this world a better place for all.”

The organization is especially popular with students, as they are able to delve deeper into their own interests and see if business would be a viable option for them to pursue in the future. According to the FBLA website, there are currently almost 200,000 members in more than 5,200 chapters across the United States. 

“FBLA, in my opinion, is one of the best clubs on campus for your future,” said Sky Yip, the vice president of Mira Loma’s FBLA club. “Through our chapter, you can learn about many topics in business, computer science and finance, which are some of the fastest-growing industries currently. Also, through many projects in FBLA you can learn about and even participate in things like government, environmental projects, and running a small business.”

One of the main ways that FBLA accomplishes its mission of encouraging potential business leaders is by holding competitions for both middle and high school students with events tailored to different aspects of careers in the business world. This past year, the national competition was held at the McCormick Convention Center in Chicago. More than 12,000 students attended the conference. 

Mira Loma students finished second in personal finance, fourth in supply chain management and fourth in User Experience (UX) design in the Chicago competition.

Students said the experience was unique and inspiring. 

“We listened to talks from Shark Tank business leaders, learning from their journey building from rags to riches,” Wang said. “We made lifelong friends from across the nation…. The most fun and memorable part of this adventure was chilling out with my dearest friends in the 30-story Hyatt Regency hotel and casually checking out all of what Chicago had to offer. It was one of the best times of my life.”

“My favorite part about FBLA is going to the conferences (competitions),” Yip said, “whether it be regional, state or national, because it’s a great opportunity to network, explore new places, test your knowledge and build your college applications.”

Yip said more students should consider becoming FBLA members. 

“For me personally, I think that others should join FBLA because of how fun it is, and to explore a new field,” he said. “FBLA offers a wide variety of competitive events that anyone can participate in, and students can explore concepts in these fields through these events.”

FBLA members said the club can benefit students in life beyond high school, such as with college applications and job interviews. 

“The way in which FBLA can help your future flourish is by distinguishing yourself and creating a name for yourself through the nationals competition,” Wang said. “I highly recommend you (giving) FBLA a try. You gain so much valuable experience, points that make you stand out, and friends you make along the way.”