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Cultural diversity a feature at Cordova High School

Maxim Russu, Cordova High School May 31, 2023

Cordova High School embraces the wealth of diversity and multiple perspectives in its student body, and administrators and teachers find ways both inside and outside the classroom to stress the importance...

Music also can help strengthen discipline and mental health, say teachers and students. Photo by Maxim Russu, Cordova High School.

Music expands student success, person growth and improvement

Maxim Russu, Cordova High School May 25, 2023

Cordova High School’s music programs this year have won more than 30 trophies, making them a significant source of pride for the CHS community. Kevin Sims, who instructs Jazz Band, Concert Band, Orchestra,...


Federal administration acts to safeguard nonbinary, transgender athletes; local schools implement new regulations

Kay Stout, Cordova High School May 25, 2023

The Biden administration is taking action to safeguard the inclusion of nonbinary and transgender student athletes on college and K–12 sports teams, but proposed regulations issued in April by the U.S....


How are non-English speakers being assimilated into Cordova High

Maxim Russu, Cordova High School April 13, 2023

Cordova High School has a diverse population of students in terms of skin color, ethnic background and cultures and a fairly substantial number of those students are English language learners from immigrant...


IB course work prepares Cordova students for upcoming college challenges

Maxim Russu, Cordova High School April 11, 2023

Cordova High School is a rare breed among its California peers in offering an International Baccalaureate (IB) advanced study program that aims to help students enter college and succeed when they get...


Data shows discrepancy in AP course enrolment at Cordova, Folsom high schools

Kay Stout, Cordova High School April 7, 2023

White students are 3.1 times as likely to be enrolled in at least one AP class as Black students at Cordova High School, according to an interactive database published by ProPublica (   The...

California has mandated that period  be available to students on campus.

State mandated menstruation products requirement arrives with implementation challenges

Kay Stout, Cordova High School February 16, 2023

Amid a national discussion about whether federal law requires schools to provide adequate access to menstrual products, Cordova High School students’ experience highlights potential problems with implementation...

Maxim Russu of Cordova High School dressed for success. Photo by Maxim Russu.

‘Dress for success’ requirements don’t necessarily translate into improved academic performance

Maxim Russu, Cordova High School February 13, 2023

Go to school, a junk food restaurant, or any other public place, and it is not hard to notice individuals with varying senses of fashion styles. But when it comes to fashion for high school students and...

Cordova High principal Jared Hyden. Photo by Maxim Russu, Cordova High.

Cordova High confronts sliding graduation rate

Maxim Russu, Cordova High School January 2, 2023

For the past five-plus years, the graduation rate has been dropping at Cordova High School – something that concerns CHS administrators and teachers. According to the Public School Review website,...

Art is a different manner of communication

Maxim Russu, Cordova High School December 9, 2022

Art can be a way to communicate without words, convey information or make a social statement. Art crosses the language and cultural barriers, using a visual language that many can understand. It has...

Outside one of the Special Education  classrooms at Cordova High School. Photo by Kay Stout.

Despite laws on the books, disabled students and parents still fight for services

Kay Stout, Cordova High School November 30, 2022

California accommodates the needs of disabled students to a greater extent than other states when parents challenge their children’s placement in public schools, according to data from a lawsuit filed...

Cordova High School is suffering a shortage of teachers just like many schools nationwide. Photo by Kay Stout, Cordova High School.

Teacher (including substitute teacher) shortages are everywhere, including Cordova High

Kay Stout, Cordova High School November 8, 2022

Schools across the country - no matter their level - are facing severe teacher shortages, reports EdSource, often causing students to double up in classes.  The teacher shortage has hit schools all across...

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