Blue Crew connects incoming freshmen to Rosemont High school community


Rosemont High School’s Blue Crew. Photo courtesy of Rosemont High School.

Gemma Costuna, Rosemont High School

The cheerful noise and upbeat spirit from Blue Crew leaders at freshman orientation was just what Rosemont High needed to welcome the class of 2026. 

Blue Crew (also known as Link Crew) is an upperclassmen-led outreach program that helps incoming freshmen on high school campuses acclimate to their new schools through their first experiences.

“It’s all about freshmen engagement and ensuring they have as good a first year as possible on campus to build those connections.” said Nicholas Santaigo, social studies and men’s leadership teacher at Rosemont High, and the main teacher behind turning the Blue Crew idea into reality.

Long-standing social studies and student government teacher Chris Gosney has collaborated with Santiago to launch the Blue Crew program this year. 

“I don’t think there’s anyone else on campus who knows the culture and identity of Rosemont better than him.” Santiago said about Gosney.  “Collaborating with him elevates everything that Blue Crew is all about.”

This summer, Gosney and Santiago recruited roughly 60 to 70 sophomores, juniors, and seniors to the mentor program as they ran family orientation night and a Freshman-Only orientation and rally during the summer.

Freshmen orientation was a day in late August consisting of campus tours, team building, and a mentor meeting with each upperclassman and their randomized group of 12 freshmen. 

“The freshmen orientation that Blue Crew put on completely blew all of my expectations out of the water.” Santiago said. 

“We do team bonding, have get togethers, and it’s a way for us to get in contact with so many other students that sometimes don’t even know about events because they don’t have a way to,” said junior Blue Crew member Kenneth Tran.

Tran represents the group of energetic and welcoming students at Rosemont High who are willing to spend time with the underclassmen because they know what it was like to be in their shoes the first year of high school.

“It’s like being an older sibling, knowing your younger siblings are always needing help,” Tran said. “It definitely happens in high school with freshmen and upperclassmen too.” 

Participating freshmen spoke positively about their Blue Crew experience, raving about how great their mentors were.

“I was a little nervous and scared that there wouldn’t be anyone to help me around,” freshman Jaunella Belle said.  “But it was like they were surrounded with positive energy. I felt welcomed by the leaders because they would ask how you are doing, (were) easy to talk to and willing to help you.” 

The Blue Crew program could be paving the way for other schools in the Sacramento CIty Unified School District.

“It’s a huge step.” Tran said, “Rosemont is setting the example for all schools throughout the district now.”