Principal Egan’s first full year at the helm at C.K. McClatchy High

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While C.K. McClatchy Senior High School has been under new leadership since last year, this year was Principal Andrea Egan’s first full year on campus.

Egan explained that the previous principal, Peter Lambert took a position at Woodland High School which opened a vacancy at CKM.

To many people within the CKM campus, the change in administration was refreshing. CKM Econ and World Politics teacher and Sacramento City Teachers Association representative, Lori Jablonski, said, “I think we have a spirit of collaboration, of staff support and student support that is something that most schools would envy, with the new administration.”

Jablonski said that thanks to Egan’s vision, the school is, “being reborn”. 

“A vision, I think you see really tangibly in the clean up of the school, the planting, the landscaping, and the support for the mural,” Jablonski said. 

While she has made noticeable physical changes to CKM, Egan takes the most pride in her students. “I’m most proud of our graduates who are about to walk the stage,” she said. “If I played even the tiniest role in their ability to have the courses and support they needed to graduate during these unprecedented times then my work this year has been worth it.”

Students feel a similar appreciation for Egan.  

“I think she’s definitely done a great job trying to revive the school community and making changes,.” said Adaleiz Ore, a junior at CKM and member of the Campus Improvement Board.  

Adaleiz continued and said that Egan is, “open to new ideas”, which is not true for every principal. “Not only will she accept your feedback, she actually encourages it,”

Egan said that she has struggled with “working to find ways to support people after a traumatic few years,” because, “students have more stressors than ever, as do staff members.”

However, students and staff have noticed her efforts. CKM freshman, Felix Martinez, said, “It is a very large school, so I think she is doing what she can to make all these fundraisers and dances.” 

“It was a tough circumstance that she walked into, and I think she provided the staff with the support they needed under difficult times. I think she’s done a great job,” said Jablonski.

Looking into McClatchy’s future, Egan is interested in, “revisiting how students apply for all of our academies, improving communication to students and families, working with departments in how they plan together and implement instruction.”

She also mentioned a desire to get to know her students better so that she can, “best meet their needs.”

When asked to describe her first year, Egan said, “It’s been a year full of twists and turns, but the students and staff are excellent, and I’ve enjoyed working to serve everyone during this transition back to in-person learning.”