One day is not enough to address Earth’s needs, especially global warming threat



Earth Day has always been the perfect opportunity to celebrate our appreciation for the environment and acknowledge what we can do to help the planet. 

More often than not, this involves park clean ups and participation in Earth Day events. According to the Earth Day Network, there are more than 1 billion people who celebrate Earth Day each year. But what is the best way to celebrate? And how can this one day address the course of climate change? 

One day is not enough to leave a significant impact on the problems surrounding global warming. However, by taking one step at a time, I do believe it is possible to stop this foreboding and rapid progression of our warming climate. 

Through park clean ups, we are helping keep our parks free from trash and making sure wildlife stays safe. Park clean ups do more than just that, though. By making our parks safe to play in, we are able to encourage more people and families to enjoy nature and have fun being outside with each other. Parks are truly an amazing way to show the beauty of nature. Just by making parks look cleaner and be safer, we are helping the environment. 

Another common activity to go to on Earth Day is Earth Day events. These typically cover a wide variety of topics, from recycling and saving water, to using solar power and biking to school. All of these strive to educate the public about ways to preserve the Earth, mainly by changing their habits and helping them become more acutely aware of the implications of their actions. 

There are always a variety of incentives used to encourage a better turnout for Earth Day. These range from having interesting topics discussed to providing free items as a daily reminder of good habits that help the environment. The best events, of course, are the ones that stick with you for years to come. 

Some of the best Earth Day events focus on educating young people about what’s happening with the Earth and climate change, as well as the effects it will have on the environment unless we do something about it. For me, one of the most memorable events were those where I learned about local wildlife and the struggles the ecosystems has been facing. Although they were absolutely beautiful and breathtaking, it was clear that action needed to be taken to ensure it stayed that way for years to come. By reaching students and children, we are able to educate future generations even if the current ones in power purposely choose to ignore Earth Day. 

Even so, just teaching students in classrooms or at home can be enough. There is a multitude of information on the internet, and it can be extremely valuable if from a reliable source. Some examples might include articles from National Geographic for Kids, or from videos on YouTube with the goal of making learning about the natural world fun for children. By doing so, we are able to cultivate a love for planet Earth and show children what they can do to keep our wonderful world amazing for generations to come. 

There are also other ways to participate in Earth Day, such as by advocating for particular legislation that would better help protect the planet. Rallies are a common sight on Earth Day around the globe and assist in revealing the support climate change bills have in the public’s point of view. By working together, we are better able to make a difference. 

It doesn’t matter how small you start, as long as you are able to understand the benefits of Earth Day and participate in spreading awareness and making change in your community. 

We are stronger together than we could ever be apart. If you feel these issues plaguing the environment strongly resonate with you, take action. Help out with park clean ups. Talk with organizations who work to stop the progression of climate change. But, most importantly, remember to help the Earth. 

It doesn’t need to be Earth Day to take what you learned and implement it in your daily lives. There isn’t one right way to go about doing it, only the way that works best for you.