NP3 students share their experiences with Spirit Week as the school readied for finals


Hadia Ahmad, Natomas Pacific Pathways Preparatory

Natomas Pacific Preparatory High School student government held its annual Spirit Week Dec. 13-17 during every advisory period. Student government officers walked around campus during the week tallying participation. Through this, each grade level earned “Pirate points.” Grade level or classes with the most participation could earn rewards, such as a donut party or another form of a celebration. 

 “I think that Spirit Week lightens the mood, and it alleviates the pressure of not only the dress code,” NP3’s student body president Rachel Long said, “but also creates a more creative and fun objective for the week besides just doing finals and getting tests and projects done.

“I think that when we do Spirit Week, it’s definitely not only about that class participation and getting each individual grade level and all their advisories to really come together and have fun with it, but also for individual students to be able to have fun with what they were and take light in the kind of winter break spirit as well.”

Monday, Dec. 13 was Flannel Day. Flannel day is a day when students get to wear their favorite flannels. During Flannel Day 58 percent of seniors participated, 38 percent of juniors, 29 percent of sophomores and 32 percent of freshmen. 

One freshman, Inaya Sajid, shared her experience with Spirit Week on Flannel day. “I just wanted to dress up because all of my friends were dressing up,” she said. “And I wanted to show school spirit because I feel like it’s a good way connect with the school”

 Fuzzy Socks and/or Ugly Sweater Day were featured Tuesday, Dec. 14 . On Tuesday 70 percent of seniors participated, 55 percent of juniors, 30.2 percent of sophomores, and 25 percent of freshmen. 

When asked how she felt about NP3 spirit week, high school teacher Bennae Dillingham said, “I absolutely think it’s important to show school spirit,” high school teacher Bennae Dillingham said. “. I think it helps to build culture, I think it helps to build rapport with kids and build relationships with each other. It unifies us”

Wednesday, Dec. 15 was Family Picture Day. On this day students can coordinate outfits with their friends however they would like. On Family Picture Day seniors broke the record with 90.14 percent participation. juniors had 59 percent, sophomore had 32 percent, and finally freshmen had 51 percent 

Sophomore Krisha Sharma said why we should show school spirit. “We are all a community so have fun and dress up,” sophomore Krisha Sharma said. “. On top of that, you can get pirate points and win”

Thursday was Holiday Inclusion Day where students dress up as their favorite holiday – . On holiday inclusion day 332.57 percent of seniors participated along with showed spirit, 27 percent of juniors, 9 percent of sophomores, and 109.58 percent of freshmen. 

Not all NP3 students feel completely included in NP3 Spirit Week activities.

When asked if she likes NP3 Spirit Week Junior Malaika Mehmood responded with “It’s alright, “I can’t participate in half of the days because I wear a hijab,.” junior Malaika Mehmood said.  She continues to say, “There used to be some spirit days such as Crazy Hair Day or Christmas Sweater Day, which I can’t participate in because I am a Muslim.”

Mehmood also said her efforts on Holiday Inclusion Day weren’t counted.

She also talks about an incident on holiday inclusion day. “On holiday inclusion day I dressed up as a cultural holiday called Chand Raat or ‘“Moon Night’” and they didn’t or they forgot to include me when seeing how many people are in spirit,” Mehmood said.”

And finally, Friday was a Silent Night where students come to school in their pjs and get to wear comfortable clothing. On Friday 81 percent  of seniors participated, 50 percent of juniors, 55 percent  of sophomore, and 64 percent  of freshmen. 

Not everyone thought this year’s Spirit Week dress-up themes worked.

Sophomore Dishita Rikhi expressed her doubts about spirit week. “They are kind of boring,” sophomore Dishita Rikhi said. “, like Middle school had better ones because they were more fun and interactive.” 

She continuous on to say, “I was in student government in middle school so I got to see what happens behind the scenes of deciding the spirit days,” Rikhi added. “So  so now that I’m in high school, I know what the process they go through is, and I feel like they could be open to more opinions in order to get more participation.” 

Overall NP3 seniors had the most average participation with 698.52% percent. Juniors had an the average of 487.67 percent, sophomores came in at with 35 percent %, and freshmen averaged 40 with 39.43 percent. Seniors also continue to take the lead with Pirate points.