Distress at C. K. McClatchy over sexual assault allegations posted anonymously by student on Instagram


Multiple McClatchy student groups planned a walkout at 11:00 AM on Dec.10 in protest of the administration’s response to anonymously-shared sexual assault allegations. The protest was subsequently canceled by its student organizers.

The allegations were originally featured on an Instagram page, called “ckm_confessions_” which quickly grew popular. The account gained over one thousand followers in less than a week. 

Followers could submit a “confession” to the Instagram page via a Google Form in the page’s bio. Hundreds of confessions were submitted to the form. Many that were posted included critical messages about other students and staff members. These messages accused many people within C.K. McClatchy of sexual assault.

In addition, multiple anonymous submissions – presumably from students –shared stories of sexual assault against them or fellow classmates. Some asserted that the school and administration had mishandled or ignored sexual assault cases.

As a response to these allegations, a McClatchy student who mentioned no affiliation with the page created her own Google Form where student sexual assault victims could further share their experiences. Sac Schools Beat has granted the student anonymity to protect her from potential retribution for posting the claims.

Subsequently McClatchy principal Andrea Egan sent out an emergency “Roar” announcement, by email, informing parents about the confessions page and urging students to stop contributing. Egan stated that legal officials had been contacted, declaring that, “We are now working with SCUSD Technology Services and have reported the account to the Sacramento Police Department.“

Over the school intercom on the following Wednesday morning, Egan made an announcement with a similar sentiment. She described the confessions page as “hurtful, mean-spirited, and untrue,” and encouraged students to share any experiences involving bullying, sexual harassment, or unwanted attention to trusted staff at school. Egan added that McClatchy would continue to look into the allegations. 

Egan sent out an additional Roar message to students and families on Dec. 8. In the announcement, she recognized that sexual assault has been “a piece of the dialogue” of the recent events. 

She shared that she had met with the anonymous student who created the form for sexual assault victims and that they would be collaborating to create a safe space for students to be heard. Egan plans on meeting with other students tomorrow to discuss a potential student forum, which she was “excited to hear about.”

Other students planned to meet independently in order to discuss the events that have taken place this past week, specifically the administration’s responses.

“With all sincerity, I welcome all students to come to me with their problems, complaints, and possible solutions. It’s my job to work to make this a safe place to learn and meet your full potential,” Egan stated. 

The “Roar” update focused on the sexual assault reporting form created by a student unaffiliated with the @ckm_confessions_ and not the account itself. As of now, the confession page seems to be deactivated with a “user not found” message popping up on its profile.