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Will Artificial Intelligence improve or damage student learning?

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    AI, AVID pair up as artificial intelligence assumes co-teacher role at Cosumnes Oaks

    AI is making inroads in Sacramento areas school programs.

    With the help of the artificial intelligence learning platform Packback, Artificial Intelligence will serve as a co-teacher in AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) classrooms at Cosumnes Oaks High School.

    Packback is an instructional AI tool curated to help develop users’ writing and discussion skills. For teachers, Packback reduces the amount of time spent grading and will provide writing suggestions. Use of the program started this school year.

    Critics of AI suggest it’s crushing creativity and contributing to the decline in job opportunities. Advocates believe it’s a pivotal step to a better and more efficient future. 

    Taylor Gonzales, a math teacher and AVID advisor at Cosumnes Oaks, finds herself in a complex situation. As a teacher, she is expected to discourage the use of AI, but as an AVID instructor, she has been asked to incorporate the use of AI in her lessons. 

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    “There’s a balance when it comes to anything AI,” Gonzales said. “If used appropriately and responsibly, it’s just like a cell phone. It can be a resource, but it shouldn’t be the main resource.” 

    When it comes to college readiness, Gonzales said a writing tool like Packback can help aid students in the college application process. More specifically, she emphasized how it could help in the Personal Insight Question section of the University of California application.

    “Instead of using old students’ PIQs, we can now go to AI and ask ‘Give me a three out of five, a two out of five, a one out of five,’” Gonzales said. “I could see that as being helpful. I’ve taken college English college classes, so I know what a good essay would sound like, but what are schools looking for? AI would be a help in that scenario.”

    AI is not a new concept for students. They have grown up with the emergence of AI software like ChatGPT, ClickUp and GrammarlyGO. While most would be eager to work with new technologies, it seems quite the opposite for students when it comes to dealing with AI inside the classroom.

    “While I’m sure it can have many positive benefits, I believe that AVID is a stronger class without AI,” said Kierra Singletary, a senior AVID student. “For many of us in the AVID program, it is important to us that we not only have a good educator but we have one that we can trust and confide in. And because of that, I don’t think things like peer tutoring and applying for colleges can be replicated or done justice with the involvement of AI.”

    The educational effectiveness of AI isn’t the only concern for critics.  

    “I personally think the use of AI will be beneficial to an extent,” said fifth-year AVID student Lili Victoria. “The extent being the loss of human interaction. I feel like a lot of students need to have a connection with a real-life teacher that’ll physically be able to make them feel comfortable within their classroom and be able to keep their attention.”

    Teyah Ruiz, a fourth-year AVID student, isn’t sure whether AI, compared to a teacher, can adequately prepare students for college. 

    “I don’t think AI and technology would be more beneficial than a very hands-on teacher in the process of applying to colleges,” Ruiz said. “For me personally, I benefit (from) physical interactions and visual learning, so having a teacher guide me through steps is easier than following instructions online.” 


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