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NP3 High School welcomes five new staff members 


As Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep High School kicks off the school year, there are five new additions to the NP3 High staff. There are four new and returning teachers as well as one new administrative member.

In the 2023-2024 school year, former NP3 student teacher Jasmine Daragahi is now a first-year biology and chemistry teacher. Another former NP3 middle school teacher, Mitzi Missio, is now a ninth grade English teacher and adviser. 

Tiffany Seaver is the new English 9 and English 10 teacher in her fourth year of teaching. The new Spanish 2 teacher, in her eighth year of teaching, is Michelle Meditz.

The new addition to the NP4 administration is Tracie Andre Dotson, who is currently in his 19th year as an educator.

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Jasmine Daragahi

Daragahi is not completely new to NP3 High as she taught last year as a student teacher. This year is her first professional teaching assignment and her first time having science classes. She graduated from the University of California, Davis, and grew up in San Ramon.Initially she wanted to pursue a career in the medical field. As Daragahi interviewed for various medical schools, she realized that she wanted to instead work more with people and students.

“I decided to work at NP3 because I love the culture and I’ve felt super welcome and fit in here,” Daraggahi said. “It’s definitely a unique school.”

In her free time, she enjoys rock climbing, reading and hanging out with friends.

Daragahi wants students to remember that “high school is an especially stressful time, so be kind to yourself and other people as everyone is going through similar experiences.”

Mitzi Missio 

Missio is starting her 23rd year as a teacher, and this year she is teaching freshmen in English 9 courses.. Prior to moving to NP3 High School, she worked at NP3 Middle School for seven years. She left and explored other schools before realizing that ultimately NP3 was the best fit for her. 

“I came back because NP3’s teachers use the best teaching practices and this school has the best education.” Missio said. “At NP3, there are civic-minded students and they are able to apply their learning to real-world applications, producing high-end critical thinkers.”

In her free time, Missio enjoys spending quality time with her two daughters. She and her family are very adventurous as they are constantly camping, hiking, snowboarding and just having as much fun as possible. 

Her favorite quote: “Contentment is not the fulfillment of all that you want but the realization of what you already have.”

Tiffany Seaver

Before teaching at NP3. Tiffany Seaver taught at Sacramento High School, and before that, she taught in Thailand for six months. 

As a student, Seaver was not a big fan of school. She did not really like her teachers, which is what motivated her to become an educator. She wants to make more of a positive impact through teaching. 

“Thus far, administration has been nothing but supportive as well as kind and organized,” Seaver said.

Seaver enjoys reading – as she is an English teacher – and hanging out with her two dogs, whom she adores very much. 

Seaver’s biggest advice for students: “Mistakes are going to happen. That’s OK. It’s about how you react to those mistakes and move on.”

Michelle Meditz

Michelle Meditz is the new Spanish 2 teacher and is in her eighth year of teaching. She previously spent seven years as a teacher at Natomas Charter School, where she taught in a hybrid role. She is looking forward to teaching in a classroom and enjoys that NP3 has a language department.

Originally, Meditz was interested in political science and enjoyed a year abroad at the University of Barcelona. On returning to the United States, she worked at the state Capitol as a scheduler for the governor. She also obtained a master’s degree at Sacramento State University.

“When I got my masters, there were professors who were invested in their students and the learning experience was very good – which is what motivated me to become a teacher myself,”  Meditz said. 

She said she enjoys NP3’s collaborative environment and how close-knit the community is. 

In her free time, Meditz loves hanging out with her two children and husband. She also enjoys doing photography, travel and yoga. 

Her advice to the younger generation: “Think about opportunities that you might be able to take advantage of, and if you have the opportunity to study abroad, it really helps with becoming fluent.” 

Tracie Andre Dotson:

This is Andre Dotson’s 19th year as an educator. He is currently assistant principal and is filling in as counselor for the first term as well. 

Dotson has a masters degree in counseling and has degrees in psychology, philosophy and mechanical engineering degrees. 

The highlight of his long career thus far has been being a counselor at Shanghai American school in China.

He loved his high school experience and really enjoyed working with children at the Children’s Home. He wants to inspire the next generation. 

Dotson’s wife, Linsey Dotson, is currently an NP3 Middle School counselor, which is how Dotson heard of NP3. 

“I enjoy the diversity and collegiality of staff,” Dotson said. 

In his free time, he enjoys going to dinner with his wife and socializing with his family. 

His biggest advice::“Find an avenue in which you can thrive and give back.”


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