SWORD club debuts at Natomas Pacific Pathways


SWORD club students gather at Natomas Pacific Pathways to a club meeting. Photo by Jack Fedor, Natomas Pacific Pathways Preparatory.

Jack Fedor, Natomas Pacific Pathways Preparatory

A new club which is making its debut at Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep this school year is Students Who Occasionally Roll Dice, more commonly known as SWORD.

“SWORD is a place for people to meet and to create fun experiences with others through the medium of board games,” said club co-leader and sophomore James Bohm.

SWORD club meets twice a week to enjoy lunch while playing board games, for example the club is planning to start a game of Dungeons and Dragons which could take months to finish.

“I started this club to learn team building and organizational skills,” said Bohm.

The club faced a tough start, as it was the only club to not reach the two-third delegate approval in Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep’s Student Government.

Following a name change from Tabletop Games Club to SWORD, the student government gave approval for the club to begin.

Sophia Bartle is the club’s event planner and she achieved success with the club’s first fundraiser during Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep’s Homecoming game. The club made $310 selling pizza and cookies.

The club plans to use the proceeds to purchase board games such as checkers, Uno and Monopoly.

Isabelle Reeder is the club’s art director and she designs club signage, including the signs which were used at the homecoming food sale.

The club’s vice president, Giovanni D’Arcangelo, helps the club to work together and to organize larger games which are played within the club.

Aidan Lewis, the club’s co-leader, has hopes for a larger Dungeons and Dragons game within the school, something which he hopes is inspired by his club’s own Dungeons and Dragons game.

During recent club meetings which have been held, club members have split into groups to play different games.

“I like hanging out with the club and I do not have a favorite game yet,” said SWORD member Julian Street.

Being a member of SWORD does not require regular attendance, as some students attend meetings when they are interested in playing with others.

”I love playing games and there are a lot of people who are friendly in SWORD who can help learn games,” said member Justice Temple.