ASSETS an after-school program that provides students a safe space for creativity and more 



Gemma Costuna , Rosemont High School

Introducing ASSETs, the one-stop program for Rosemont High School students to learn, enrich and create. 

After School Safety and Enrichment for Teens is an after-school program that provides all students a safe space for creativity and much more.  

“For clubs, we focus on sports, dance, arts and crafts, and for education we offer tutoring with teachers … we’re an outlet for everything.” said Nicholas Ly, an ASSETs staff member and Fashion Club and Dance Cover Club advisor.

This program gives students the opportunity to enjoy what they love with peers who share similar interests.

“For high school students, it’s more of ‘What are we going to create or teach’ and ‘What are we going to lead the students to improve on with guidance,’” Ly said.

The program manager who has been with Rosemont for five years, Dalia Alvarez, oversees all of the clubs, the everyday snack time that is free to students, and activities like tutoring in the library. 

“The program is meant to offer enrichment and academic help. We run Monday through Friday, 3:30 to 6:30 p.m and clubs run on different days and times,” Alvarez said. “There’s a variety of enrichment and it’s all youth-led, that’s the beauty of it.”

Students say ASSETs helps build connections and friendships through its extracurriculars. Katrina Xiong, a junior at Rosemont, speaks about ASSETs as something she loves. Being in three different clubs, she stays after school every day. 

“I mainly love the people who are in ASSETs because of their amazing and energetic personalities, and also the staff who are respectful. “ Xiong said. “They’re the people you can always talk to when you’re having a rough time.”

An avid dancer in both the Wolverines Dance Team and the Dance Cover Club, Xiong has some favorite memories that highlight her contributions. 

“My favorite moment was Essence. In both dance clubs it was our first time performing and it was so exhilarating and exciting.” Xiong said, referring to Essence of Rosemont, a spring festival for clubs and the entire campus to enjoy by fundraising and appreciating the art made by students in clubs. 

Louise Fong is a staff member who has worked with ASSETs for the past 10 years. She has worked in multiple different schools in the Sacramento City Unified School District since 1991, with all grade levels.

“I was recruited here in the beginning of 2012, ” Fong said. “I was at McClatchy (High School) and then they transferred me here because they needed someone with a college degree that works after school.”

ASSETs provides not only a creative outlet, but also a network of staff who help the kids with emotional or practical support. 

“Some come back and they thank me for helping them,” Fong said. “You’d be surprised how many students walk around here that haven’t said a word to anybody all day. That’s a lot of loneliness.”

With activities like dancing, or enjoying a snack, ASSETs gives students a program that is all for them.

“It’s the little things,” Alvarez said. “Sometimes you come into work like ‘Is this worth it?’ and then in the end it pays off.” 

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