Pleasant Grove players and supporters suffer through tough season of losses



Savannah Haile, Pleasant Grove High School

Pleasant Grove High School’s varsity football team is currently going through the toughest stretch in the school’s history. The team is currently in a six-game losing streak, and, according to MaxPreps, it has lost every game by at least 26 points or more. There record as of Oct. 1 was 0-6.

But through all the losses, students, players, and coaches, still have hope the team will succeed in the near future.

PGHS is currently ranked last in the Delta League and is the only team who has not won a single game so far this season. Some players expressed their views on the source of the team’s lack of success.

“They play as individuals more than as a whole and they lack the mindset of a winning team,” said one Pleasant Grove football placer who did not wish to be identified. “A lot of people think that they are better than how the team  actually is.”

When asked about how he felt about the string of losses, varsity running backs coach Tony Gates replied,  “I’d rather focus on what they’re doing right. They’re trying hard. Sometimes they’re not applying ( the coaching ) as religiously as we think they should…”

Long-lasting winning streaks against some opponents have unfortunately died these past few weeks.

“The last game against Laguna Creek is the first time they have ever beaten us,” said Gates.

Tougher competition is also one of the many challenges the players have to overcome in order to get a win this season.

“We are a Division I (high) school. It is definitely a lot harder,” said Gates.

Former PG head football coach, Joe Cattolico, tried to focus more on the athlete’s overall improvement while coaching at Pleasant Grove.

“We really tried to focus on the sorts of goals ( of the players )  to have a philosophy that carries over to their academics,” said Cattolico. “ We’re preparing them for the rest of their lives.”

PGHS had only suffered a losing season similar to this year once under Cattolico, in the 2006-2007 season.

“The only year that we lost five games was the first year playing varsity with just juniors because we didn’t have any seniors yet at the school,” said Cattolico.

Cattolico believes that things will take a turn for the better for PG football.

“ I know we have a new coaching staff this year and that’s tricky. I do know the guys on the coaching staff and they are good coaches and great people,” said Cattolico. “ I think that things will go in a positive direction at Pleasant Grove.”

One bright spot for the team was that in its recent game against Laguna Creek, PG varsity football scored more points than in any other game they have played so far this season.

“…But as they come together . . . we know that by game, by game, by game, they’re doing more stuff right.” said Gates. “I believe in these kids. We’ll be there for them and we won’t quit on them.”

Even though the losing streak has been disheartening for PG students, there is still hope PG football will win at least one game this season.

“Although morale are pretty down because we are (0-6)” said a football player,  “I think we can pick it up as the season goes on”.