Bannon Creek Elementary cools down with air conditioning upgrades



Jack Fedor, Natomas Pacific Pathways Preparatory

Students and staff at Bannon Creek Elementary will enjoy improved heating and air conditioning thanks to a $97,490 upgrade project approved July 27 by the Natomas Unified School District Board of Trustees. 

Two one-story buildings on the school site each were approved to receive four upgraded HVAC units. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

The project also included a safe shut off of utilities prior to the project, disposal of the previous units, installation of the eight new HVAC units and their connection back to utilities.

The project made use of existing ductwork and thermostats which were present on-site prior to the replacement of the HVAC units.

The need for the upgrade was a result of the HVAC units being over 25 years old, over five years older than the life expectancy of each of the units which are to be replaced.

The project was approved at the meeting in order to have the project to be completed prior to the school having its first day of instruction on Aug. 11.

Three trustees voted in favor of the project, one abstained, and another was absent from the meeting at which the contract was approved with the company who sold and installed the HVAC systems, Johnson Controls. The firm is an international company with operations in the Sacramento area.

“I have advised JCI on local conflict of interest (issues) with other city jurisdictions,” said trustee Lisa Kaplan when explaining why she abstained from voting on the contract. She advised the company in her capacity as a lawyer in private practice.